Madrid Shows Sharpest Drop in Hotel Prices This Month

Hotel prices have decreased in July 2019 across Europe, with the average rate for a standard double room decreasing in the majority of European cities listed on the trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI), reported by global hotel metasearch

Madrid sees the sharpest drop in hotel prices this month on the tHPI, with its average rate for a standard double room registering a decrease of 41% from last month to reach €90 per night. Paris follows with an 18% decrease compared to June, with its average hotel price now at €138 per night. Average hotel prices in Amsterdam drop as well, decreasing 18% this month compared to last to reach €140 for a standard double room per night. Vienna and Rome report month-on-month decreases of 14% and 13% respectively, which translate into €104 for Vienna and €94 for Rome for a standard double room per night.

On the contrary, the city with the largest month-on-month hotel price increase in Europe reported on the tHPI in July is Istanbul, where travellers will pay €73 on average for an overnight stay in a standard double room this month, a 10% increase compared to last. Reykjavik follows with a 7% increase compared to last month, which translates into €156 for an overnight stay. Access the tHPI for all the data on over 50 cities here:

Year-on-Year Comparison in Hotel Prices

Most cities listed on the trivago Hotel Price Index register a year-on-year increase in their hotel prices this July. The average overnight rate for a standard double room in Manila is now €74, a 51% increase compared to July 2018, making it the city with the highest year-on-year hotel price increase this month. Las Vegas follows with a 26% year-on-year increase, which translates into €114 for a standard double room per night. Lima holds the third place with an increase of 25% compared to July of last year wherein an average hotel rate is €62 for an overnight hotel stay. Completing the list of the five cities registering the highest year-on-year increases this July are Sao Paolo, where the average rate of €63 is 21% higher compared to last year, and Delhi, where the average price of €51 is up 20% from July 2018.

At the other end of the spectrum lie Moscow and Lisbon, the cities with the sharpest decrease in hotel prices on a year-on-year comparison. Travellers visiting the Russian capital will pay €58 for a standard double room for an overnight stay, a decrease of 41% compared to last year. Lisbon reports a decrease of 16% compared to July 2018, which translates into €100 per night.

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