Eimer Hannon Wins Matheson WMB Entrepreneur Award

The Matheson Women Mean Business (WMB) Female Entrepreneur Award was awarded to Eimer Hannon, Founder and Managing Director of Hannon Travel at the prestigious WMB Awards in the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, on 30 September.

Eimer said: “I am delighted to receive this award, which recognises 20 years of dedication to providing the corporate travel market with the best possible personal service. All of us at Hannon Travel have worked hard as a team together to make Hannon Travel the leading corporate travel management company in Ireland it is today.

“It is so important that women are given every encouragement to succeed and I congratulate Rosemary and the team at WMB for their stellar work in raising the profile of women in business in Ireland. There were exceptional finalists in these WMB Awards, who are all winners in their own right, and hopefully together we will inspire other women out there with a gem of a business idea to have the confidence to go for it.”

Rosemary Delaney, Founder and Managing Director, WMB said: “Our theme ‘The Power of Opportunity’ is one that Eimer has grasped with vigour. She identified a gap in the market, a right set of circumstances – that golden opportunity that separates ‘doers’ from dreamers. She offers an insight into what success truly looks like – one has to have passion, a strong work ethic, self-belief, resilience, bravery, forgiveness, authenticity, empathy, honesty, and the ability to be good to oneself!”

Mukesh Sharma, Director, Hannon Travel, said: “Eimer has built an incredible company in Hannon Travel over the last 20 years, providing clients with that special ‘Hannon’ unique personal service for every business trip. As one of Ireland’s leading entrepreneurs in the travel industry, it is wonderful to see her hard work, dedication and the great team she has built around her at Hannon Travel being recognised for their success.”

Eimer is renowned within the global travel industry for setting up Hannon Travel, one of Ireland’s leading corporate travel management companies. With a highly knowledgeable and experienced team, Hannon Travel provides travel services from its two bases in Ireland and Northern Ireland to global organisations across many sectors, including aviation, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, equestrian, engineering, and mining. Hannon Travel manages a large number of national and international travel accounts with clients based across Europe, the USA and Asia.

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