Royal Caribbean International Researches Family Holidays

Almost half (49%) of Irish adults aged 25-34 still go on holidays with their parents, with 80% of parents paying up to €1,000 for the pleasure of their company, according to a new study by Royal Caribbean International.

The Holipay Generation

The findings found that parents fork out the most for sons (€766), while daughters come in marginally cheaper at €709 a pop. The most expensive adult children that still holiday with their parents are aged 25-34, costing parents an eye-watering €793 each on average.

Age% still holidaying with parents% whose parents shoulder some of the costAverage bill that parents pick up
25-34 years49%46%€793
35-44 years30%30%€762
45-54 years10%22%€790


In addition, adult children admit to adding to their parents’ expense by also bringing their younger children (32%) and other halves (43%) on their parents’ holiday. Sixty-seven per cent of adults from Dublin have also admitted to bringing their partner, friends and children on holiday with their parents.

Age% taken their partner on parents’ holiday% taken their children on parents’ holiday
25-34 years55%37%
35-44 years45%47%
45-54 years43%49%


Top reasons why adult children continue to go on three-generation family holidays:

  1. Enjoyment of spending quality time with family – 69%
  2. The only opportunity they get to spend a prolonged period of time together – 33%
  3. Because family members go on the best holidays – 16%
  4. Know and expect a family member will pay for it – 6%
  5. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) – 8%
Perfect Day @ Coco Cay Zipline

Family Tradition

Royal Caribbean’s research has revealed that Irish families choose to holiday together because, believe it or not, they enjoy spending quality time together! 39% of Irish adults prefer to keep their globetrotting in the family circle, opting to go on family holidays rather than jetting off with their friends. When asked whether they foresee paying for their adult children to come away on future holidays, over half (58%) of Irish parents pay for the privilege of having their adult children as company on holiday.

Ben Bouldin, Associate Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA, Royal Caribbean, said: ‘It’s great to see that Irish families are able to spread the wealth to create lasting family memories for their adult kids and their family.

“This trend not only strengthens family bonds, it tells us that family holidays of multiple generations are alive and kicking… and what better way to keep the whole family entertained than a Royal Caribbean holiday where there’s something for everyone, from the tallest slide at sea, to surfing on the FlowRider, ice skating and everyone’s favourite – karaoke.”

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